We are having a wedding

We are having a wedding. It will be a lesbian wedding and it will be fantastic.

For those that are completely mystified by this, I am only partly kidding. Sarah and Laquisha (she’s such a white girl. No really, she is), have deemed each other ‘wife’ but in typical female fashion, they want to make it official.

I was clicking away at the keyboard yesterday- for yet another religion paper. (Thank god I won’t be a religion major. It’s too mind boggling with too many people arguing over who’s right.).

My phone vibrates- its Laquisha. I had recently left the sex room as her and Travis were causing too much of a ruckus for me to get any work done.


“Are you on the 3rd floor?” They’re looking for me? Thankfully I am in a secluded, locked, study room.

“No, second.”

Beat. “Oh, ok. Sarah and I are getting married. Do you want to be my maid of honor?”

My lips turn upwards. Awwwwwww.”Of course!”

We meet up again at dinner. Our entire group of friends has congregated around the high barstool tables. As I walk over with my fries and watermelon (it’s a very healthy dinner, I know) Kathy is assigning tasks and discussing the details of the wedding. It seems she has been appointed wedding planner.

“Okay, where are we going to hold the procession?” All of our eyes drift to Mark. His room is the largest and the most out of the way. He shrugs, too overcome with fatigue to do much else. That’s a yes in our book. “And then Trish will do the catering (cookies and mudslide brownies), and-”

“What about photography?” There’s no way this is going undocumented.

“Melissa’s doing that.” Melissa is a little bit of a photo nut, and has the camera to prove it. “Then Megan, you’re the maid of honor for Laquisha. And Lisa and Lanee will be Sarah’s bridesmaids. John will give Laquisha away; Ian will give Sarah away.”

All of us are squealing like little piglets about this.”Oh my god!” I pipe up. “I have a teal bridesmaid’s dress!” I knew bringing that homecoming dress to college would prove useful. Even the guys are getting giddy about this.

“I can’t wait to my suit for this.” Mark laughs.

“The wedding’s set for the first weekend in November.” This is coming after the costume party/Halloween bash. Holy shit.

I am brimming with love for my friends right now. So much love. I nearly attack Laquisha and Kathy.



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