Guess who’s back!

Sitting here in the library, thumbing through Weberian theory, I am struck: I sooooo do not want to do this.

Minutes later, I find my favorite waste of time: hello, facebook.

One comment: “Blog bitch. Love you.” Ah Kathy, my dorm buddy being subtle, as always.

But that one comment reminds me of the past month. I scrawled down a list of major happenings that had, well, happened since I wrote last (hard to believe that was months ago!). I gave my internet address bar guilty glances. I’ve been busy, I haven’t had time to blog.

 Who knew watching “Say Yes to the Dress” took up so much of one’s day?

All it took was one comment to start this snowball rolling again– not that we need more snow up here.

Only difference is this time I am without a topic! Nonetheless, I feel a calm brushing against my fingertips as I sit here typing.

What to write about? A college student couldn’t possibly have any stories to tell…


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