A Day On the Ice

I tighten the laces and feel the worn leather of the skates cling to my calves.

“This is going to be ridiculous.” Kathy pipes up. “The eight-year-olds are going to be waaay better than us.”

I laugh. LaQuisha, Kathy, Travis and Xander decided to put a Sunday to good use and go ice skating. We were going to get our asses kicked.

“I want to see if I can still do arabesques.” LaQuisha says as she toddles towards the rink.

If we all don’t end up bruised, it will be a lucky thing.

I cautiously make my way into the ice rink. My ankles are already leaning inwards. I step (can you step with blades on your feet?) tenatively onto the ice.

Travis, with little inhibition, zooms off.

My jaw drops. You have GOT to be kidding me! I smile, “Showoff.”

He shoots a smile back towards me. “I used to roller blade. I would be that dumbass that always doing tricks.” As he says this, he swings around so he is skating backwards. Dear God.

I hug the rink’s frame as I inch around the rink. Xander is not far behind. “Come on!” I motion my arms, as if that will bring him forward.

“I’m coming, I’m coming.” He mutters jokingly. “Where’s Kathy?”

I look back to the entrance of the rink and see her familiar fuzzy figure. Ohhhhhh.

It is a slow process, but my skates begin to glide on the ice– without coming to a harsh stop. After all, that is what the walls are there for.

After slamming into the penalty box (my skates took the brunt of it.), I look to LaQuisha, prancing on my right. “Smile!”

A few shots later, she hands off the camera. “Check it out!” She slides across the ice, leg lifted. Damn!

I can’t help myself. “You know, your leg should be straight.”

She grins back. “I know, but you can’t do it, so hush!”

Her and I stick together as we continue to circle. At one point, I see a guy (no jacket, mind you), attempting to show off. Key word: attempting.

After one particularly bad fall, he and I make eye contact. I smile. No worries. We older people collapse gracefully.

He skates up to us. “You fell in style.” I told him.

He shrugs. “Hey, I try. I could always hold your hand if you’re afraid of falling.”

Cute. But…something’s off. My mind is whipping a red flag behind my eyelids going BAD IDEA. BAD IDEA.

I trust my gut. ” ‘Scuse me.” I whisk myself away before anything can happen.

Little did I know, something did.

He turns to LaQuisha. “If I give you my number, will you give it to her?” (Really? You couldn’t give it to me yourself? REALLY.)

She quietly scoffs. “Do you have a piece of paper?”

He shakes his head. “Do you have your phone on you?” Thank goodness that was in MY jacket pocket. “What if you gave me your number so I could text you my number?”

At that point, LaQuisha firmly swings her head back and forth. It only takes one mishap with a ‘Can I have yo’ numba?” situation.

“Nope, sorry.” And with that she skates off.

That story got told multiple times thoroughout the day. Travis was first. “A townie was hitting on me. Apparently, he asked for my number. From LaQuisha.” I deadpanned. Of course that would happen to me.

“He’s a pussy if he doesn’t ask you for your number himself.” Thank youuu, Travis.

Unfortunately, the townie kept his eye on me the entire time we continued skating.

LaQuisha, Xander, Travis and I created a huge chain as we skated. LaQuisha tugs us along as we all shriek with excitement. (Writer’s Note: That was by far the best part of the day, and it will stick in my memory for a while.)

As we spin, LaQuisha shoots me a look. Without looking back, I giggle, “I gotta go guys. See ya in a few!” Translation: Right behind you! Go, skate!

After an hour, our feet are dying. “Ohmigod, look!” Xander has taken off his skates…and his socks. His feet steam from the heat.

“Oh, Xander! Put your socks on!” Kathy mock-admonishes.

Putting on snow boots has never felt so nice. Walking out of the rink, my knees are starting to bark at me and my thighs are beginning to whine.

We should be going again soon 🙂

Copyright Megan Hennessey 2011


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