A Matter of Perspective

“You have no idea what you’re talking about!” Harry pushed past his sister to get into the kitchen.

“Aw, c’mon Harry, I’m not blind. Besides, you know what he did. You guys were sitting in the living room–”

“Shut up!”

She leaned against the linoleum countertop and watched as he muddled through the fridge. “Hey, I don’t know what you’re getting angry about. I was just trying to–”

“To what? I’d love to hear this.”

“Give you some perspective. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing. So you were talking and flirting hardcore and Jason’s there, and he’s all hot and tough–”

“He is NOT hot!”

She snorted, “If you say so. So he’s sitting there, looking hot, and you’re laying there swooning–”

“Absolutely not. Football players don’t swoon.”

“Sure they do! The quarterback on the Tigers does.” She waggled her eyebrows. Harry had been quarterback since his junior year at USC.

“You’re hysterical. Really.” He ripped into his sandwich.

“Admit it. You like him!”

“No, I don’t.”

“Well, he definitely likes you.”

“Does not, does not, does not!”

“Do you hear yourself? You sound like a second grader. And how else would you describe what he did?”

“…I had dirt on my face.”

“You’re a football player. You always have dirt on you somewhere,” she winked. “Keep that in mind.”

“I’m so not having this conversation right now.” He dropped onto a seat at the table, attempting to escape into his BLT.

“Oh, you so are. He kissed you. I’m thinking that means something.”

“Zip it!” He hissed.

“Look, I’m not saying you have to do anything about it. But…aren’t you just a little bit excited about this?”

“Yes. NO…I don’t know.”

Lacey sat down next to him and folded her legs underneath her. “I know this is going to be painful. But describe your feelings.” She patted his hand, “Take your time.”

Harry threw the sandwich back on the plate. He rubbed his face and ran his fingers convulsively through his hair. “My head is full of noise. When I’m not focusing on something– I keep thinking about that.”

“When’s the next time you see him?”

“Class on Monday.”

“Not that that would be super awkward or anything. Looks like you have two choices right now.”

He raised his eyebrows.

“Option 1: You attempt to suffer from amnesia for the past 24 hours. Never bring it up and forget it.”

“Now see, that would be awkward.”

“Perhaps. Especially if you feel like it should lead to a conversation.”

“Is that option two?”

“Outside of class, yes. My guess is, he’s freaking out as much as you are.”

“Severely unlikely. I’m sure this isn’t news to him.”

“His sexual orientation? Or yours?”

He just glared at her. She refused to back down. “I’ll think about it,” he said.

She smiled at her obstinate brother. He was going to overthink this. Give him a chance, Harry. He may surprise you.


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