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Are You Normal? Ask Cosmo

Judy’s office was filled with noise. The presentation for corporate was closing in– four days, six hours– and no one could sit still. No one was promised anything, but one word kept passing between people like a secret. Promotion. It … Continue reading

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Taylor Swift Might Have a Point. Then Again, Maybe Not.

I see David through the cafe window. When I walk in, we don’t touch. “You found it,” he starts. There are circles under his eyes. I wonder why he hasn’t been sleeping. I’m not sure it’s my right to know … Continue reading

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Private Lessons

I’ve just walked into a conversation I’m not meant to hear. “I’m considering coming back for my Master’s. I could work under you.” Through the glass panel of his office door, I see Charles facing a young brunette, the one … Continue reading

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A Quick Decision

Mom– Andrew and I are leaving for Las Vegas. Or San Diego. Or Sedona. Anywhere with a Justice of the Peace, in case the urge to marry strikes us. We’ll be gone for a while; combo wedding and honeymoon. This … Continue reading

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